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Outer London elderly residents negatively impacted by air pollution, report reveals

Air pollution is killing more people in London’s outer boroughs than in the inner city as vulnerable older residents suffer heart and respiratory problems, research from Imperial College suggests.

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Improving air quality ‘could prevent 50,000 deaths’ across Europe

Limiting air pollution to the recommended World Health Organisation levels, could prevent over 50,000 deaths across Europe according to research.

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90% of the world’s population exposed to harmful levels of air pollution

33 of the largest cities in the world have levels of particulate matter four times higher than the World Health Organisation’s guidelines of 10 ug/m3. The worst polluted cities in the world are all in Asia, with China, India and…

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Public call for UK law to reflect WHO air pollution limits

British public is in favour of action against air pollution, a YouGov poll has revealed The survey, involving 2,000 adults, found 54% were in favour of strengthening the UK’s laws in line within the World Health Organisation (WHO) guidelines for…

3 million working days lost annually to pollution

The importance of green and healthy growth has been highlighted by a new study, Breathing Life into the UK Economy, from CBI Economics on behalf of the Clean Air Fund. It suggests the UK stands to benefit by £1.6 billion…

Independent: Bees slower, sicker and living shorter lives because of air pollution, study suggests

The Independent reports that breathing toxic fumes due to exposure of heavily polluted air is one of the key contributors to early death.

Chair of Air Monitoring talks about the COVID-19 effect on air quality on Channel 4

Roland Leigh, WCRAQ’s Chair of Air Monitoring, appeared on Channel 4’s Dispatches documentary, Coronavirus: How Britain is Changing. As Technical Director of EarthSense, he discussed how COVID-19 has caused a change in air quality and what this means for the…

The Ecologist: Unequal access to air quality information

Half of world’s people lack access to air quality data, hampering efforts to tackle one of biggest public health threats There is a huge global inequality in access to information about air quality, a new report released today by OpenAQ, an international…