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WCRAQ: Education Working Party

Webinar: Eliminating Air Pollution in Schools

Supported by the University of Surrey/GCARE/ Global Action Plan

14 March 2023, 13:00 – 15:30

The constant threat of air pollution is compromising children’s health. There are actions and solutions available today to help mitigate the effect of harmful emissions. The main barrier is current legislation and the need for more government and local authorities funding.

The working party aims to educate on Interventions for improving indoor and outdoor air quality in and around schools.


13:00 – 13:05: Welcome and protocol – Sally Cumner, Executive Director, WCRAQ

13:05 – 13:10: Welcome Larissa Lockwood, Chair Education Working Party, WCRAQ

13:10 – 13:20: WCRAQ update – Jason Airey, Executive Director, WCRAQ

13:20 – 13:30: Welcome and Parliamentary update Barry Sheerman, MP, Chairman, WCRAQ

13:30 – 13:50: Practical recommendations to mitigate air pollution exposure to school children, Professor Prashant Kumar, Head of GCARE, University of Surrey

-GCARE studies have found high levels of harmful PM2.5 (particles less than 2.5 micrometres in diameter) pollution from traffic emissions near schools and nurseries, endangering the health and well-being of nearby children.

-Children are more vulnerable to exposure to vehicular emissions due to their incomplete lung development, low breathing height, and high physical activity and breathing rates. They are, therefore, more likely to suffer from short and long-term health conditions due to traffic-related air pollution, including asthma, bronchitis and stunted lung development.

-If you wish to know why and how their exposure to harmful emissions can be mitigated in and around schools, attend this presentation.

13:50 – 14:10: Air Pollution and its impact on health for young people Rosamund Kissi Debrah, Founder, Ella Roberta Foundation

To support Ella’s Law – The Clean Air (Human Rights) Bill 

The Bill is going to be debated on 24 March in the House of Commons, where Caroline Lucas MP is sponsoring it. 

Ella’s Law would:

  • Enshrine the human right to clean air precisely and explicitly in law. This is the quickest, cheapest and best way to improve public health and fight climate change because it would improve the quality of decision-making by the government and public authorities overnight;
  • Tackle air pollution and greenhouse gases together to improve public health, the environment and the climate;
  • Match and exceed the European Commission’s latest proposals for the revision of ambient air quality laws in the European Union (in 2030) and establish a pathway to comply with the World Health Organisation’s new air quality guidelines (by 2033);
  • Include indoor air in places of work, where health and safety provisions apply and in new residential developments; and
  • Place duties on local authorities and others to reduce mould.

14:10 – 14:30: Solutions to tackle air pollution in UK schools Hannah Battram, Senior Manager, Clean Air for Children, Global Action Plan

-Understand the co-benefits of tackling air pollution at a school community level and at national scale.

-Find out about the educational benefits and how 30,000 children from around the world came together to ask decision-makers at the UN for change.

– Know where to seek support and guidance and free or low-cost options to protect our children’s health against the harms of air pollution.

14: 35 – 15:30: Discussion and questions and close of meeting – Larissa Lockwood – Chair Education Working Party, WCRAQ

Request to attend by emailing Sally Cumner at sally.cumner@supatrak.com

WCRAQ Annual Wales Round Table Debate

Presented by: Westminster Commission for Road Air Quality

Sponsored by Bradshaw EV

Media Partner: Fleet Vision International magazine

Location: Voco St Davids, Cardiff

March 29, 14:30 – 16:30

Promoting decarbonisation and sustainability in Wales 

  • Discover how to transition to greener transport solutions.
  • Find out about air quality initiatives.
  • Learn how to become an air quality champion in your region and nationally.
  • Discover how the Westminster Commission can help your authority help reach net zero cost-effectively.

14:30: Coffee, tea and networking

15:00: Westminster Commission for Road Air Quality – Round Table Debate

Promoting decarbonisation and sustainability in Wales

15:00 – 15:05: Welcome and protocol – Ann-Marie Knegt, Creative Director Visie Communications/ Editor Fleet Vision International

15:05 – 15:20: WCRAQ update, Jason Airey/Sally Cumner, WCRAQ Executive Directors/Founders

15:20 – 15:30: WCRAQ in Parliament Update, Barry Sheerman MP, Chair Westminster Commission for Road Air Quality

15:30 – 16:00: Modelling emission reduction solutions in an air quality management area, Paul Lewis, UKRI Clean Air Programme Regional Air Quality Champion for Wales

  • Modelling has helped us predict how vehicle emissions and idling contribute to exceeding levels of NO2 in a small-town urban area.
  • We look at how voluntary engine switch-off might compare as a solution to automatic pollution removal technology on this road and the resulting impacts on local NO2 levels.
  • We also attempt to quantify the health benefits of NO2 reduction within the area following emission reduction.

16:00 – 16:30: Round Table Debate, Improving air quality while reducing cost and emissions – promoting decarbonisation and sustainability in Wales

16:30: Close of debate – Ann-Marie Knegt, Creative Director Visie Communications/ Editor Fleet Vision International

If you want to attend, please, contact Sally Cumner: sally.cumner@supatrak.com.

The debate findings will be published on the WCRAQ website and the WCRAQ section of Fleet Vision International magazine. WCRAQ will recommend parliamentary questions based on the debate’s outcome and create future WCRAQ/ air quality policy strategies.

Planning & Infrastructure

Live Stream from Parliament

18 April 2023, 14:00, Pavillion Room, Terrace A, Houses of Parliament/ Online: TEAMS

Chair Professor Peter Roberts

James Trimmer. Director of Planning and Development, Port of London Authority 

Sign up here sally.cumner@supatrak.com

Air Health


Chaired by Professor Sir Stephen Holgate, University of Southampton

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TBC, 13:00

Chaired by Larissa Lockwood, Director of Clean Air, Global Action Plan

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Air Monitoring

Chaired by Ralph Wilce, Owner Wijs-Air

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