Working Parties

The Westminster Commission for Road Air Quality consists of six working parties chaired by the foremost experts in their fields.

Stephen Holgate CBE, FMedSci, Clinical Professor, University of Southampton/Working Party Chair Air Health

Stephen has a research focus on the mechanisms of asthma and allergy. He is interested in air pollution’s health effects, serves as a UKRI Clean Air Champion and is a Special Advisor for the Royal College of Physicians on Air Quality. Stephen chaired the government Committee on the Medical Effects of Air Pollutants, the Expert Panel on Air Quality Standards and the Hazardous Substances Advisory Committee. He was a member of the Royal Commission on Environmental Pollution.

Ralph Wilce, Owner, Wijs Air/ Working Party Chair Air Monitoring

Ralph has a passion for understanding cleaner air and ways of achieving it.
With a background in vehicle, industrial emission testing and air quality monitoring, Ralph understands the urgency of finding and eliminating high-polluting diesel and petrol vehicles as a key to fast and low-cost Road Air Quality improvement.

Jason Airey, MD, CMS SupaTrak/ Working Party Chair Energy, Fuels & Vehicles

Jason aims to help customers reduce costs, be compliant and increase operational efficiency. As a connected fleet specialist, Jason is proud to lead a team of world-leading engineers which is designing and manufacturing vehicle telematics systems here in the UK.
Jason specialises in making a difference, and he has been instrumental in setting up the Optimised Waste & Logistics (OWL), and Westminster Commission for Road Air Quality initiatives. These innovation partnerships are helping shape best practice and increase road safety in the waste and transport and logistics sectors.

Professor Peter Robert Working Party Chair Planning & Infrastructure

Peter is Professor Emeritus of Sustainable Spatial Development at the University Of Leeds, vice-chair of the Northern Ireland Housing Executive and Group Chair of the First Ark Group, which includes a housing association and social enterprises. He lives in Kirkheaton and is married to Jo, a former nurse who worked at Kirkwood Hospice. 

Nationally and internationally Peter is involved in a range of regional and urban planning, regeneration, housing and health, economic development and environmental management. Peter has acted as an advisor to the House of Commons Children’s, Schools and Families Select Committee and to Local Government. He has been involved in community regeneration projects in Tyneside, Merseyside, Greater Manchester, West Yorkshire and elsewhere. He was awarded the OBE in 2004 for services to regeneration and planning. Peter is the ​chair of the ​trust’s ​​Audit and ​risk ​committee.

Larissa Lockwood, Director, Clean Air, Global Action Plan/Working Party Chair Education

Larissa is an air pollution and behaviour change expert with 20 years of experience in sustainability. Larissa leads Global Action’s clean air portfolio, working in collaboration to mobilise action to tackle air pollution. Larissa organises Clean Air Day – the UK’s most extensive air pollution campaign that helps millions learn more about air pollution and take action. Global Action Plan also launched the Clean Air Hub – the UK’s go-to public information source on air pollution.
The Clean Air for Schools programme is helping schools to develop and implement clean air action plans. She also set up the Clean Air Hospital Framework – to help the health sector act on air pollution.
Lastly, Larissa set up Business for Clean Air – a voluntary initiative that companies can join to signal their commitment to addressing air pollution.