Photo Credit: Pexels / Anna Urlapova

Glasgow hits air pollution targets during lockdown for first ever time

Glasgow’s level of air pollution dropped significantly during spring lockdown, but clearly rose when restrictions were released later in the year.

Report urges the banning of SUV adverts to meet UK climate goals

Sports utility vehicles emit more greenhouse gases than any other car. A report by the New Weather Institute thinktank and the climate charity Possible, has recommended the banning of SUV advertisements in the UK, as a measure to meet UK climate goals.

Guardian: Air pollution still down despite normal return to traffic – study

Air pollution has remained at lower levels in UK towns and cities despite a return to near-normal traffic levels after the easing of coronavirus restrictions, according to research. Analysis of data from more than 100 urban roadside locations shows nitrogen dioxide…

Let’s Recycle: A need to maintain environmental ambition

As lockdown restrictions continue to ease and the UK plots a path towards a ‘new kind of normal’, Amie Stringer, Alternative Fuels Commercial Manager at leading international waste management solutions provider, Totus Environmental, says it’s vital that the UK maintains…

Autonews: China considers in-car air quality regulations, report says

China is considering implementing mandatory in-car air quality regulators in order to protect the health of drivers. Regulators will test the level of contaminants of formaldehyde and benzene. Is this a headache or a step in the right direction? BEIJING…