Dennis Eagle’s first 100% electric refuse collection vehicle is deployed

The first completely electric refuse vehicle, the eCollect, designed by OEM Dennis Eagle, has gone into service in the UK. After two years of extensive safety and efficiency tests to get a comprehensive picture of its safety and durability, the…

Photo Credit: Pexels / Anna Urlapova

Glasgow hits air pollution targets during lockdown for first ever time

Glasgow’s level of air pollution dropped significantly during spring lockdown, but clearly rose when restrictions were released later in the year.

Coventry and Oxford first cities to trial all-electric bus cities

Coventry and Oxford are both developing proposals to become the first areas of the UK to switch an entire town or city’s bus fleet to electric vehicles.

Uber invests £5 million to electric vehicle charging points in London

The global ride-hailing service company, has pledged £5 million to install public charging points in poorer boroughs in order to help the switch to electric cars. Uber seeks to highlight the imbalance of charge point installations across the capital. However,…

Teesside hydrogen hub

Teesside to be a clean energy leader and plans for hydrogen plan hub are unveiled

The Government has announced that it will transform Teesside into the UK’s first research, development and testing centre for hydrogen as it is transformed into a Hydrogen Transport Hub. The Department for Transport (DfT) has commissioned a masterplan to understand…