WCRAQ Air Monitoring and Research

WCRAQ Research and Air Monitoring Working Party meetings provide a step closer to reaching air quality objectives

This month, the Commission has launched the second round of working party meetings, starting with Research and Air Monitoring.

WCRAQ Alternative Fuels and Vehicles Working Party launch

The launch of the Alternative Fuels and Vehicles Working Party was attended by prominent industry experts and kicked off important discussions.

Chair of Air Monitoring talks about the COVID-19 effect on air quality on Channel 4

Roland Leigh, WCRAQ’s Chair of Air Monitoring, appeared on Channel 4’s Dispatches documentary, Coronavirus: How Britain is Changing. As Technical Director of EarthSense, he discussed how COVID-19 has caused a change in air quality and what this means for the…

WCRAQ Chair of Air Health releases new report forewarning possibility of a COVID-19 winter wave

As the UK is easing lockdown restrictions, WCRAQ’s Chair of Air Health, Professor Stephen Holgate, has released a new report outlining the possibility of 120,000 further coronavirus deaths in a second wave of infections this winter.