WCRAQ launches Air Health working party

The virtual launch of the Westminster Commission for Road Air Quality’s Air Health Working Party took place on 26th August, attended by numerous industry professionals and academics, including SKIPS Education, NERC, AirSafe, and Gardners.

Alison Cook, standing in for Stephen Holgate, chaired the meeting. Alison is the Director of External Affairs at Asthma UK and the British Lung Foundation and has worked in the field of air quality for the last six years.

WCRAQ founding members Jason Airey and Sally Cumner from CMS SupaTrak explained how, at an OWL Roadshow, Barry Sheerman MP set them the goal of tackling the issue of air quality, which led to the formation of WCRAQ.

Dr Sophie Duggan from AirSafe shared a medical perspective on the issue of air health, highlighting the need for better air monitoring data. ‘In my research, I have found that unexpected volumes of carbon monoxide enter the interior of cars − anywhere between 35 particles per million (the one-hour safe limit) to 94 parts per million.’ She said better air monitoring is essential because currently all air quality data is an average. ‘However, it misses the most important data, which is the quality of the air we are actually breathing − on walks to school, commutes, or trips to the supermarket.’

‘By working together we can create a healthier environment and cleaner air for the future,’ said Sally Cumner of CMS SupaTrak to wrap up the meeting. ‘We need to scope out who is not here and who should be. If you can think of any individuals or organisations, let us know and we will reach out to them.’

If you want to have your voice heard on the issue of air quality, join WCRAQ today.