WCRAQ launches Education working party

The Westminster Commission for Road Air Quality Working Party on Education had its inaugural meeting on 25th August to set out its key aims and objectives to drive behavioural change and improve air quality in the UK.

The meeting was well attended, with representatives from the likes of SKIPS Education, Healthy Streets, Guys and St. Thomas’ Charity, the British Retail Consortium, and the Tate gathering together via Zoom to discuss who to target and which policies to drive forward.

Trewin Restorick, who has extensive experience in encouraging behavioural change in mass audiences as CEO of Hubbub and Global Action Plan, hosted the meeting as the Chair of the Education Working Party.

He stressed the importance of learning from previous projects. ‘When considering our aims, we must gather together and build on existing knowledge. We are not trying to reinvent wheel. Instead, this working party needs to bring together and strengthen existing research to drive policy changes.’

And Laura Jacklin from Health Streets underlined how behavioural changes should be encouraged. ‘Our views on what is a positive achievement in life, such as owning a car, need to be challenged. Instead, we should be celebrating owning a bicycle.’ If you want to have your voice heard on the issue of air quality, join the WCRAQ today and see what difference you can make.