Discover the impact of air pollution on children

Join us on June 20 for our Air Health Working Party to see how air pollution affects children disproportionately compared to adults. Prashant Kumar, Professor & Chair in Air Quality and Health, the University of Surrey, UK, will explore how to mitigate air pollution exposure in children.

During his presentation – Air pollution exposure in young children – he will discuss how pollutant exposure to in-pram babies can exceed adults’ exposure by up to 60%. The breathing height of in-pram babies lies where concentrations of pollutants are usually the greatest. Professor Kumar will highlight how we need both technology and community-driven measures for exposure mitigation.

Children are at much higher risk of air pollution

Professor Kumar commented: ‘Air pollution exposure to in-pram babies poses a serious threat to their early childhood development, necessitating a need for effective mitigation measures. In-pram babies can be exposed to up to ~60% higher average concentrations depending on the pollutant types compared with adults.’

Request to attend by emailing Sally Cumner (, Executive Director of the Westminster Commission for Road Air Quality.