Join the WCRAQ International Day of Clean Air – Air Pollution has no Borders webinar

WCRAQ announces the International Day of Clean Air – Air Pollution has no Borders webinar, with keynote speakers from NYC DCAS, NYPD Fleet, the City of London Corporation, Global Action Plan and the Westminster Commission for Road Air Quality on 7 September at 14:00 GMT/ 09:00 EST.

The webinar’s theme will be Air Pollution has no Borders – international initiatives/cooperation to improve air quality worldwide. The Westminster Commission for Road Air Quality presents the event in partnership with NYC DCAS Citywide Administrative ServicesNYPD Office of Support ServicesThe City of London CorporationGlobal Action Plan, and NAFA.

The programme will highlight how global cities transition to clean fleets while implementing measures to reduce emissions and ultra-fine particulates to protect their citizens’ and visitors’ health from the dangers posed by air pollution. The event will also explore the successes and upcoming measures from the Westminster Commission for Road Air Quality to help shape air quality policy in the UK and the international success of Global Action Plan’s Clean Air Day.

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Attendees are welcome to register for this event with the following link:,aE_BRzZxCEyyTR_bgyfxpw,Sr15Nn1EBkaYrT4Fb7KfkQ,Mh_y2xEqlEeUDD7XtN4xqg,PDv13cucr0uE_TaIcYloMw,RlMGvMf-gUitRKYTOPsH_Q?mode=read&tenantId=d3dd20c1-5398-473e-be97-9c969a42bee0

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Air Pollution has no borders – international initiatives/cooperation to improve air quality worldwide

14:00- 14:05: Meeting protocol and introduction – Tessa Bartholomew-Good, Global Action Plan, Clean Air Campaigns Lead

14:05 – 14:20: NYC’s Strategies towards decarbonisation of the largest municipal fleet in the United States and improving air quality – Keith Kerman, Deputy Commissioner, Chief Fleet Officer, NYC DCAS

  • Learn how the city is moving towards an all-electric fleet by 2040
  • Explore other ways to decarbonise, including hybrid and more fuel-efficient vehicles, biofuels, and a low carbon fuel standard.
  • Hear about how ways NYC is working to improve air quality from fleet impacts, including anti-idling technologies, bio-tire initiatives, and more.

14:30 – 14:45: NYPD – doing its part in fighting crime and air pollution – Bob Martinez, Deputy Commissioner, Head of Support Services, NYPD

  • Learn about the NYPD’s reduction of its carbon footprint since 2008
  • See how the NYPD has been transitioning to hybrid and fully electric vehicles Since 2008.
  • Find out how the NYPD, while protecting the UN in NYC, is also protecting the air.

14:55 – 15:10: WCRAQ actions and strategy in Parliament – Barry Sheerman MP for Huddersfield, Chairman, Westminster Commission for Road Air Quality

15:20 – 15:35: Combating air pollution in the City of London – Ruth Calderwood, Air Quality Manager, City of London Corporation

  • See how air quality has improved in the City of London following various interventions.
  • Hear about the challenges faced in finding suitable low-emission vehicles
  • Hear about proposals for new legislation to combat pollution from non-transport sources.

15:45 – 16:00: WCRAQ overview and conclusions made – Jason Airey, Founding Member, Westminster Commission for Road Air Quality

16:10 – 16:30: Global Action Plan Clean Air Day update and conclusions – Tessa Bartholomew-Good, Clean Air Campaigns Lead, Global Action Plan