Larissa Lockwood, WCRAQ chair, discusses the importance of Clean Air Day

Listen to our Chair of the WCRAQ Education working party, Larissa Lockwood, talking about how to take action against air pollution this Clean Air Day – and any other day.

In the latest episode of the Air Quality News Podcast, Larissa talks about how simple behavioural changes such as leaving the car at home and walking or cycling short-distance trips can make a huge difference to the air we breathe. 

Larissa is Director of Clean Air at Global Action Plan, the charity responsible for organising the UK’s largest air quality campaign, Clean Air Day. She talks to the Podcast presenter, about why organising this important national campaign is essential. She also highlights how Clean Air Day has grown over the years and what impact it has had so far.

‘We need to talk about air pollution, and we all need to do something about it – both as individuals and as a society – and Clean Air Day provides an opportunity to do just that,’ explains Larissa.

‘Even though we can’t see it, we know that air pollution impacts our health from our first breath to our last. It’s the biggest environmental threat to your health, no matter who you are or where you live, and it can really harm every organ in our bodies and shorten our lives.’

Listen now to find out what you can do as an individual to tackle air pollution.

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