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Cross River Partnership project to clean up air pollution along the Thames

Funding available to help commercial freight and passenger boat fleets retrofit in an effort to improve air quality on the Thames Cross River Partnership, a non-profit organisation, launched the second rough of funding in aid of the Clean Air Thames…

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France taken to court by European commission over air pollution

The European Commission decided to bring France to the Court of Justice for the European Union to address their poor air quality after breaching the daily limit values of particulate matter (PM10).

The Guardian: Asphalt roads make city air pollution worse in summer, study finds

Emissions from asphalt are a significant source of air pollutants in cities, especially in hot weather, a study shows.

Cenex: The death of the business trip – workers set to shun travel for remote working due to environmental concerns

Environmental concerns and the changing work landscape could lead to a noticeable drop in both domestic and international business travel

BBC News: Wales Clean Air Plan proposed tougher limits

BBC News reports on tougher limits on levels of air pollution are proposed to tackle a problem thought to contribute to as many as 1,400 deaths a year in Wales.

Independent: Bees slower, sicker and living shorter lives because of air pollution, study suggests

The Independent reports that breathing toxic fumes due to exposure of heavily polluted air is one of the key contributors to early death.

Guardian: Air pollution may increase risk of Covid death, major study says

The Guardian reports that long-term exposure to air pollution may increase the risk of death from Covid-19, according to a large study by the Office for National Statistics.

Swindon Advertiser: Safe air pollution levels breached in Swindon

Swindon Advertiser reports that safe air pollution limits are being breached in Swindon, putting lives at risk.