Westminster Commission for Road Air Quality – invitation to submit for Air Quality Awards

The Westminster Commission for Road Air Quality is partnering with the Fleet Vision International Gala Dinner and Awards Ceremony, held at the Banking Hall in the City of London on 27 April 2023, and invites its members to send an awards submission to celebrate the best in air quality innovations.

WCRAQ will honour the organisations that have achieved the most notable results in air quality improvements. We will hand out two air quality awards on the evening:

Awards for Best Air Quality Strategy

• Private sector

• Public sector

We have seen so much great innovation which improves air quality within the industry, and we urge you to submit your application for these awards. We aim to demonstrate how we lead the way to cleaning up the air we breathe.


The judges will score entries on:

  • How the organisation faced decarbonisation challenges and the net-zero transition
  • Viable statistics underlining the achieved outcome
  • Improved air quality records
  • Innovative and sustainable leadership examples
  • Improvement in public well-being and health
  • Demonstrated benefit for clients or public
  • Description of challenges faced and how overcome

Submissions should include:

• Max 700-word submission (minimum 400 words)

• Pictures and video (if relevant)

• Links for additional information

Submission deadline: 1 April 2023

For more information or to submit your entry, please email [email protected].

We look forward to you taking up the challenge and demonstrating the quality of our membership.

With kindest regards,

Jason Airey and Sally Cumner 

Founders of the Westminster Commission for Road Air Quality