Teaching aids

Thoughtfully created education initiatives can build awareness and action that delivers better quality air for all.

On 14 September, Trewin Restorick, Founder and CEO of Hubbub UK, chaired the Education Working Party meeting, discussing how to engage with formal education and techniques to educate the wider audience and policymakers.

Guest speaker Dan Pinnell, Director of Arriva Digital and Prospect Training Services (PTS), which provides eLearning and eSolutions for education and training, discussed the benefits of eLearning, including reducing carbon footprints through reduced travel cost and venue hire, increased information retention via bite-sized interactive content, and providing consistent and standardised teaching that is more widely accessible. He explained how PTS’s development services allow content to be created and developed while being hosted on their bespoke learner management system DREAMS.

DREAMS is used internationally by 140 countries to manage clients’ courses, eLearning certificates and eportfolios. It supports eCommerce transactions and can provide bespoke sessions to suit each user’s requirements. Partners have seen revenues increase up to 167% since introducing PTS to their training.

Dan explained that instant stats provide real-time feedback from users so training sessions can be adapted to individual needs. The data gathered by the management system can also inform policymakers in order to develop and change education policy.

When asked about the impact of Covid on the uptake of eLearning and how PTS is working to ensure it does not replace face-to-face learning, Dan said in-person and virtual teaching have their own benefits. He added that for standardised information with clear objectives, the process has been proven to be delivered successfully.

Originally published in the FVI magazine