Meet our Working Party Chair for Air Quality Monitoring – Professor Roland Leigh.

The Westminster Commission for Road Air Quality consists of six working parties chaired by the foremost experts in their fields. The Westminster Commission for Road Air Quality is delighted to introduce our Chair for the Air Quality Monitoring working party Professor Roland Leigh, Earthsense.

Roland is a technologist specialising in the development and application of new technologies in the field of air quality. He spent 15 years at the University of Leicester in roles including Knowledge Exchange Fellow, Director of Enterprise for the Leicester Institute for Space and Earth Observation, and Chief Executive of the East Midlands Centre of Excellence for the Satellite Applications catapult. Following the spin-out of EarthSense from the University of Leicester, Roland is now Technical Director of EarthSense and also serves as an advisor on the Smart Leicester Programme Board.

Roland’s work for the Westminster Commission for Road Air Quality will be focused on the development of new technologies for air quality monitoring and translation of measurements into actionable insight. Roland is passionate about the adoption of cutting-edge technologies into air quality management while maintaining robust records compatible with previous vital datasets.

Roland commented: ‘It’s a great pleasure to serve on the Westminster Commission and help to structure the solutions of the future for air quality. Our new digitally connected age offers a wide range of opportunities to better understand and manage the exposure of the vulnerable in our society to harmful pollutants in both indoor and outdoor environments. It is critical to address this key societal challenge, embracing perspectives from the commercial, academic and policy communities ensuring that new technologies are developed and adopted at the appropriate time and place.’

Over the following weeks, we will be introducing the other working party chairs.

The Commission invites scientists, charities, air quality professionals, transport operations and consultancies and other qualified individuals to become part of this new initiative.

To join the Westminster Commission for Road Air Quality, please contact [email protected].