Dave Lewis – Pollution Solution

Dave Lewis is Commercial and Construction Director at Pollution Solution. Pollution Solution utilises low energy fans and strategically placed pods in the roadway in their technology to give both the public and private sectors the opportunity to offer the public clean, safe and legal air quality during the transfer period of moving to 100% electric motorised vehicles. The system “sucks in” fumes emitted and therefore allows fossil fuelled vehicles to feasibly remain on the road.

The pollution solution system is installed in the roadway at congestion hotspots (Outside of schools, traffic light approaches, roundabout approaches, fast food drive thru lanes, supermarket click and collect points etc) Slow moving or stationary / idling vehicles straddle the system just 30cm below vehicle exhaust pipes and effectively sucks the exhaust fumes from the vehicles into a roadside cabinet which contains a series of filters (HEPA, ESP & Carbon activated) and a fan. 

A trench is cut into the roadway 1.5m wide and conventional drainage channels are inserted which act as the fume carrier to the roadside unit. 2 channels are laid 1.2m apart side by side to capture the fumes from exhaust pipes situated on the left, right or central position of the vehicle. 

Outside of a school – top system off – bottom system on 

‘The reason for joining WCRAQ is to throw more weight behind the fact that pollution is killing us and the environment in which we live. There are solutions and we believe we have one of them, they just need to be used. Through forums we need to enforce that pollution is a silent killer and has in fact been responsible for many, many deaths. We all have the right to breath clean air and the delayed environment bill needs to be pushed through and hopefully the more groups such as this that are formed the closer we will get.’