Arriva Digital

As a bespoke software development company we have a proven track record of building crucial software and systems, apps for a range of devices, operating systems, and eLearning courses running in over 140 different countries.

Trusted by leading public and private sector organisations and charitable trusts, we design, build and implement elegant technological solutions that simplify complexity, enable people to learn and work smarter, and reduce adverse environmental impacts.

​Our experienced teams deliver complex domestic and international development projects, spanning multiple industries including education, construction, logistics and transport.

​We deliver mission-critical software solutions that meet the requirements, timescales and budget of your organisation.

A good example of what we do is our multi award winning platform Origin to Destination. This is being used as part the Croydon £5b Growth Zone. O2D is a real-time delivery-management-system with a unique driver app for rerouting, diverting, and cancelling-deliveries. Alex Pocklington, Principal-Network-Impact-Assessment-Engineer for Croydon, explains: ‘Across London, hundreds, possibly even thousands of trucks are turned away each day at their ramps or gates due to missed time slots and then circle the city, wasting miles, increasing the risk of collisions, and rising levels of congestion and emissions. With this app, we aim to drastically reduce this issue while supporting Croydon’s construction logistics, clean air, and environmental impact initiatives. We hope this project will eventually benefit the whole of London and beyond.’

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