If done right, the AAQD revision can be a game changer for zero-pollution ambition

The European Commission released the proposed update to the Ambient Air Quality Directives (AAQD), the first one since 2008. This proposal could improve Europe’s outdated air quality legislation as part of the Zero Pollution Package. The revised AAQD will play…

Researchers call for more significant efforts to fight global warming – improved air quality accelerates global warming

An international research team led by Leipzig University has used satellite data to demonstrate that concentrations of pollutant particles have decreased significantly since 2000. This is necessary due to their impact on health. But it is also significant since it…

Drones – the ‘end’ of Britain’s silent air pollution killer?

One of the world’s experts in drone technology, Robert Garbett, has called on the UK Government to support the World Health Organisation’s (WHO) plea for Britain to act to protect the health of people by implementing a ‘drone transport infrastructure’.…

Simple measures can go a long way in combating air pollution in schools

Most UK primary schools experience levels of pollution which exceed the safe levels set out by the World Health Organisation. Yet, simple measures can cut outdoor and indoor exposure to toxins by almost half, according to a new study, by Professor Prashant Khumar from the University of Surrey.

Air pollution exposure in infancy alters gut microorganisms and may boost disease risk

Exposure to air pollution in the first six months affects a baby’s gut bacteria, or microbiome, in ways that could increase the risk of allergies, obesity and diabetes and impact brain development, suggests new research from the University of Colorado…

Roadvent technology could play a significant role in reducing air pollution

A recent study by Dr Mark Peckham from emissions measurement specialist company Cambustion has validated the effectiveness of the Roadvent system at reducing roadside pollutant levels, a key metric used by local authorities in measuring air quality.

Join the WCRAQ International Day of Clean Air – Air Pollution has no Borders webinar

WCRAQ announces the UN International Day of Clean Air – Air pollution has no borders webinar, with keynote speakers from NYC DCAS, NYPD Fleet, the City of London Corporation, Global Action Plan and the Westminster Commission for Road Air Quality on 7 September at 14:00 GMT/ 09:00 EST.

Photo Credit: Pexels / Naveen Annam

Response from our Chairman to DEFRA air quality measures: ‘More urgent action on air quality is still required’

Our Chairman and MP for Huddersfield, Barry Sheerman, has responded to the new measures announced by the Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs to improve air quality introduced under the Environment Act. ‘The Air Pollution (Local Authority Audits) Bill 2021-22, which…