Photo Credit: Westminster City Council

Westminster City Council’s electric journey: 1,000 EV charge points successfully installed

Westminster City Council, in partnership with Siemens, has installed over 1,000 on-street Electric Vehicle charge points in the City of Westminster, and is the first local authority to reach this milestone.

Westminster City Council working in partnership with Siemen GB&I, installed the 1,000th EV charge point in April 2021, and are one track to deliver another 500 chargers by April 2022.

The charging points range from 3kW to 50kW and have been installed at key residential and commercial locations across the city. The charging points are available to all users, making it easier for residents to switch to environmentally friendly transport solutions. Users are able to park their vehicles in dedicated EV bays and can charge for up to four hours between 8.30am and 6.30pm every day.

Research from Siemens found that 40% of motorists said a lack of access to charging points had prevented them from switching to an electric vehicle sooner. To address this, Westminster City Council has enabled residents to request for an EV charging point to be installed near their home using an online form. The council will use this information to guide the installation of new chargers to ensure the programme is targeted at the areas with the greatest demand.

The City of Westminster suffers with some of the worst air quality in the UK and the council declared a climate emergency in 2019. The council’s City for All vision outlines plans for Westminster to become a carbon neutral council by 2030 and a carbon neutral city by 2040.

Raj Mistry, Executive Director of Environment and City Management at Westminster City Council, said: ‘I am proud that Westminster id the first local authority to reach this important milestone. Poor air quality is consistently a top concern among our residents. So the Council is embracing new technology to improve air quality and meet our net zero goals. By working in partnership with Siemens, Westminster is leading the way on electric vehicle infrastructure and enabling residents to switch to cleaner and greener transport.’

Bernard Magee, Director of Electric Vehicle Charging at Siemens GB&I, commented: ‘Siemens is proud to support our partner Westminster City Council in achieving this fantastic milestone. The great work at Westminster provides a charging infrastructure blueprint to other local authorities on their own journeys to decarbonise transport and improve air quality across our towns and cities. We’re now looking forward to the next phase of activity in the borough, ensuring charging infrastructure continues to grow and benefit even more residents and visitors across Westminster.’

Photo Credit: Westminster City Council

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