Working Party for Planning

Meet the Chair for Planning – Dr Louise Brooke-Smith OBE, FRICS, MRTPI

Louise has over 30-years’ experience across the property, land use and construction sectors within the UK and overseas. Previously a Partner of Arcadis LLP – UK Head of Development & Strategic Planning, she now holds numerous Non-Executive Directorships and advisory roles.

As the first female RICS Global President (2014-15), Louise led a series of groundbreaking property-related initiatives and championed diversity and inclusivity. She is a Freeman of the City of London and was National Construction Achiever (2015). Louise holds Honorary Doctorates from the Universities of Wolverhampton, Sheffield Hallam and Birmingham City. Louise was awarded the OBE in 2019 for services to the built environment.

Party Objectives

To explore how planning and land use policy and practice can influence and improve current legislation and statute on air quality and visa versa. This is specifically in terms of road air quality, with a view to improving the health and wellbeing of the population.

 In this era of COVID-19, there is a significantly increased awareness of the how the design and management of our housing stock directly relates to our mental and physical wellbeing. The air quality around our homes is paramount and our goal is to identify how planning policy and changes in regulations can directly respond to and influence air quality and the need for that quality to be as high as possible.

Dr. Louise Brooke-Smith, Chair of the Working Party for Planning

Topics for discussion…

  • How can air quality monitoring and measurement be used more effectively as part of any homebuyers report, and should this influence the sale / development of any residential property?

  • How can the way we design and plan our new homes, or the infrastructure around existing homes, take into account poor air quality?

  • How can the key findings of the research recently and currently looking at the impact of road air quality on health, be used to influence relevant planning and land use statute?

Planning Objectives

  • To assess the findings of relevant planning research already undertaken into land use, planning and road air quality, by established bodies, and explore how this can cumulatively improve respective planning statute, guidance and regulations.
  • To develop recommendations to improve the design of new homes and the infrastructure that services them, to address the impact of road air quality.
  • To explore an air quality matrix for use as part of any home buyers report, reflecting the clear interaction between where we ‘work, live and play’ and our health.

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