Working Party for Energy, Fuels & Vehicles

Meet the Chair for Energy, Fuels & Vehicles – Richard Wenham

Richard has been a councillor since May 2011. He is a member of the LGA Resources Board. In addition to chairing the EELGA Lead Members Finance Network, Richard is also Vice-Chair of the EELGA Employers panel and Vice-Chair of the Bedfordshire Local Government Pension panel. Currently, Richard is a consultant at FCP advising a Canadian rail company on road/rail interface risk. He previously held director-level roles at various global engineering companies including Ricardo & Motorola. His last position was as CEO at a traffic measurement and monitoring company

Richard has an MA from Queens’ College Cambridge, postgraduate qualifications in Finance & Management, is a Chartered Engineer and Fellow of the Institute of Engineering and Technology.

Energy, Fuels & Vehicles Objectives

  • To move to efficient use of current fuels that more effective and less impact on air quality.
  • To investigate commercial vehicle options: LPG, hydrogen, and shorter-term niche trials. Large vans could be electric with fuel cell operated vehicles.
  • To investigate how hydrogen could not only be a low carbon alternative but also solve the issue of particulate matter.

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