Education Q1 2021

Environmental photographer addresses the invisible issue of air pollution by making it visible in ‘Airborne’

Environmental photographer Sarah Stirk showcased her project ‘Airborne’, which transformed air pollution from an invisible issue to a real threat to children’s lives, and left the Education working party spellbound with ‘beautiful but terrifying’ imagery. On 25 February Trewin Restorick,…

Photo Credit: Ivan / Pexels

The official journal of WCRAQ, Winter 2021, has been published

The third edition of the new thought-leading magazine for the improvement of air quality has now been published. Read your copy today and don’t hesitate to share it with colleagues. Click on the cover to read FVI. What can you read…

Energy, Fuels and Vehicles

Energy, Fuels and Vehicles working Party discusses how drop-in fuels, electric and hydrogen has a role to play in the future of UK HGV fleets

Jason Airey, founding WCRAQ member CMS SupaTrak Managing Director, deputised for Barry Sheerman MP and Working Party Chair Richard Wenham and welcomed the Energy, Fuels & Vehicles attendees across the industry, including Allison Transmission, Biffa, Dennis Eagle, ECLF, GPS Marine, and Ubico.