Teesside hydrogen hub

Teesside to be a clean energy leader and plans for hydrogen plan hub are unveiled

The Government has announced that it will transform Teesside into the UK’s first research, development and testing centre for hydrogen as it is transformed into a Hydrogen Transport Hub. The Department for Transport (DfT) has commissioned a masterplan to understand…

Fleet Vision International, Autumn 2020, has been published

The second issue of the new thought-leading magazine for front-line fleet operations and essential services has now been published. Read your copy today and don’t hesitate to share it with colleagues. What can you read in FVI, Autumn, 2020? Read about…

Daimler Trucks presents the world premiere of Mercedes-Benz fuel-cell concept truck

The truck manufacturer Daimler Trucks presented today the technology strategy for electrification of its vehicles, featuring the new Mercedes Benz fuel-cell concept trucks. The presented technology strategy for electrification ranged from urban distribution to international long-haul transport, thus reaffirming Daimler’s…

Riviera: How to future-proof tugs – alternative fuels and electric propulsion

Attendees at Riviera’s ’Alternative fuels for powering a tug: the selection conundrum’ webinar agreed that conventional diesel propulsion was not the best solution for future-proofing tugboat fleets but they were divided when asked which alternative energy source they would invest…

Edie: Dixons Carphone to covert to electric and alternative fuel fleet by 2030

Dixons Carphone has signed up to the Climate Group’s EV100 initiative, pledging to switch its commercial fleet to electric and alternative fuel vehicles by 2030

Telegraph: How airships could provide the future of green transport

Zeppelins and dirigible airships are with us again after eighty years out of favour – faster and hopefully much safer than in the inter-War era – promising ultra-low carbon air transport for the net-zero age. It may not be long before we…

BBC News: Wales Clean Air Plan proposed tougher limits

BBC News reports on tougher limits on levels of air pollution are proposed to tackle a problem thought to contribute to as many as 1,400 deaths a year in Wales.

WCRAQ Alternative Fuels and Vehicles Working Party launch

The launch of the Alternative Fuels and Vehicles Working Party was attended by prominent industry experts and kicked off important discussions.