Asphalt roads cause greater emission than vehicles

Asphalt roads may be a larger source of air pollution than cars, study finds

Scientists have found a 300% increase in harmful particulates emitted from asphalt during hot weather. After study the effect of heat on samples of asphalt, scientists found significant carbon-based emissions. Researchers from Yale University, Carnegie Mellon University and the Max…

High pollution areas not in ULEZ

According to a new analysis by the Environmental Defense Fund Europe (EDF Europe), Southall in Ealing, Cormwell Road in Kingston, and Romford Road in Newham are the top three most diesel polluted locations in London. However, the ULEZ will not…

3 million working days lost annually to pollution

The importance of green and healthy growth has been highlighted by a new study, Breathing Life into the UK Economy, from CBI Economics on behalf of the Clean Air Fund. It suggests the UK stands to benefit by £1.6 billion…

Happy World EV Day: What is EV Day and why our planet urgently needs clean mobility

September 9 marks World EV Day: a celebration of e-mobility that raises awareness of the benefits of electric. This year it has a special significance as 2020 has seen a firm push towards clean battery-powered mobility.

Cenex: The death of the business trip – workers set to shun travel for remote working due to environmental concerns

Environmental concerns and the changing work landscape could lead to a noticeable drop in both domestic and international business travel

Emissions Analytics: What else is coming out of our tailpipes?

We are in danger of over-regulating familiar, easy-to-measure emissions such as CO2 and NOx while ignoring a wide range of other, potentially harmful substances that can now be measured but are being ignored.