Photo Credit: Pexels / Naveen Annam

Tougher air pollution targets needed to reduce health inequalities caused by Covid-19, MPs warn

MPs are calling for Government to install ‘more ambitious’ air quality targets in order to counteract the health inequalities caused by the pandemic.

Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Committee has argued for the ‘moral case’ to significantly improve air quality, which disproportionately affect those with lower socioeconomic backgrounds.

The committee’s new air quality report is based on evidence provided by campaign groups, health experts, and local councils. It highlights ‘alarming levels of poor air quality in England’.

It asks government to set air quality limits in line with the World Health Organisation‘s guidelines when the Environmental Bill returns to parliament this Autumn.

‘While the Clean Air Strategy is a step in the right direction, the Government needs to be more ambitious,’ Neil Parish MP, Chair of the Environmental, Food and Rural affairs Select Committee commented.

‘Before the Environment Bill comes back, commitments to reduce the levels of toxic particulates that cause the most harm must be strengthened – and targets on reducing the health impacts of air pollution included too.’

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