WCRAQ Chair of Air Health and Chair of Education speak at DEFRA meeting

Towards the close of September, Professor Stephen Holgate, Chair of Air Health, and Trewin Restorick, Chair of Education, spoke at a Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs meeting.

Professor Stephen Holgate of the University of Southampton has a research focus on the effects of air pollution. His presentation to DEFRA entailed the consequences of poor air quality on the human body.

Trewin Restorick, Founder CEO of award-winning charity Hubbub UK, seeks to transform the way environmental messages are communicated by bringing people and organisations together as a force for good. Restorick’s presentation to DEFRA entailed the way air quality is communicated to the public.

Now is time to make a real difference to air quality. Join the WCRAQ and take a step in the right direction to secure cleaner air for tomorrow.

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