WCRAQ launches Planning working party

The issues facing the planning industry were among the topics discussed by industry experts at the launch of WCRAQ Planning Working Party held on 25th August, chaired by Dr Louise Brooke-Smith.

Alongside current planning challenges, Dr Louise Brooke-Smith highlighted to attendees including Arup,CAVT Ltd, and SKIPS Educationwhere attention is most needed, taking into consideration the impact of roads on the areas in which we live, planning and land use practices to improve road air quality, and existing legislation.

‘It is paramount that we consider the work that has already been undertaken by some excellent professional groups,’ she told the meeting. ‘By consolidating key findings and managing all the available information, we can emphasise what needs to change and present to government the most important air quality issues for the planning sector.’

The need for coordinated action and better collaboration was reiterated by Martin Parrack (retired). ‘When I tried to look into the effects of rail travel, the data was not accessible, even though research has been conducted. Research is not joined up or readily available for different parties to look at.’

If you want to add your knowledge and expertise to the conversation around air quality and planning, join WCRAQ today.

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